Here you can find a collection of electric and electronic circuits realized by the PSpice tool or by Cadence ORCAD Capture Lite. You can freely download, use or modify all the stuff you'll find here. Anyone who wishes to collaborate and share his experience, i invited to send, his works.
OrCAD 17.2 PSpice Designer Lite Software, it's freely downlonable, after registation, here
PSpice is a free open source software, download it here


NE555 as monostabile

When a falling edge enter the trigger, the output goes to the instable state (high) for a prefixed time.
The Trigger must go high beefore Ti to avoid unuspected output as at 64ms (the lengh of the pulse is different than Ti).


MOSFET: small signal amplification circuit (ORCAD Capture Lite)

Voltage amplification

Enancement E-MOSFET IRF150


MOSFET (Enancement): caracteristics (ORCAD Capture Lite)

E-MOSFET input and output caracteristics

The transfer caracteristic (input) is realized by an unique DC-Sweep of (VGS) from 0V to 10V keeping VDS constant. On this plot is shown the MOSFET IRF034 threshold voltage (VGS(th))
To plot the Drain caracteristics 2 DC-Sweep are used: the "Primary Sweep" for VDS (x-axis); the "Secondary Sweep" for VGS (parameter).


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