Here you can find a collection of electric and electronic circuits realized by the PSpice tool or by Cadence ORCAD Capture Lite. You can freely download, use or modify all the stuff you'll find here. Anyone who wishes to collaborate and share his experience, i invited to send, his works.
OrCAD 17.2 PSpice Designer Lite Software, it's freely downlonable, after registation, here
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Op Amp Integrator: PRACTICAL circuit

Practical circuit of an Op Amp Integrator with a square vawe voltage input

Transient simulation and transfer fuction simulation. In the zip file:
- Op Amp integrator practical circuit - transient
- Op Amp integrator practical circuit- transfer function Bode plot
The sircuit is studied for a frequency < cut-frequency and for f>> fC. Only if f>>fC the integrator makes the integration of the input voltage.


Schmitt Trigger

Schmitt Trigger response to a triangle vawe voltage input

One of the various Schmitt Trigger configuations. The input is a triangle vawe, with a 20V peak to peak voltage, the Op Amp supply is 15V and the saturation output voltage is 14V. The Op Amp saturates when V+ reaches 7V, beacause of the simmetric divider (R1=R2)
To plot the hysteresis loop by PSpice:
- go to the plot window
- cancel all traces except Vout
- double click the x axis (a label..)
- in the 'X Axis' tab, in the 'Axis settings' window, click the 'Axis Variable...' button
- choose Vin then 'OK' and 'OK' again.


BJT - Colector characteristics

In the input circuit R variates to obtain regular steps in IB (0, 5μA, 10μA, 15μA,..).

VC variates from 0V to 10V. To set VCE as x variable, double click the x-axis on the plot then click 'Axis Variable..'


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