Here you can find a collection of electric and electronic circuits realized by the PSpice tool or by Cadence ORCAD Capture Lite. You can freely download, use or modify all the stuff you'll find here. Anyone who wishes to collaborate and share his experience, i invited to send, his works.
OrCAD 17.2 PSpice Designer Lite Software, it's freely downlonable, after registation, here
PSpice is a free open source software, download it here

ASK and 2PSK modulator

ASK and 2PSK modulation by the balanced modulator

The ASK modulation coincides with the 2PSK modulation. The circuit uses a balanced modulator and the modulating wave is a square wave. At each inversion of the modulating wave, in output, there is an inversion of the carrier wave (see 2 plot).


4PSK modulator

4PSK type B block diagram

The 0 bit is rappresented by a 5V voltage. The 1 bit is rappresented by a -5V voltage. The differenziator causes 90 rotation



Pulse Width Modulation by NE555

The width of the pulses is relatet to the amplitude of the control input signal.


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