Here you can find a collection of electric and electronic circuits realized by the PSpice tool or by Cadence ORCAD Capture Lite. You can freely download, use or modify all the stuff you'll find here. Anyone who wishes to collaborate and share his experience, i invited to send, his works.
OrCAD 17.2 PSpice Designer Lite Software, it's freely downlonable, after registation, here
PSpice is a free open source software, download it here

SCR power control

Half wave power control by Thyristor

The SCR switches on as the current reaches about 1.9mA. In the first circuit this happens earlier because, due to the different ratio between Rp1A, Rp1B ed Rp2A, Rp2B, results that V--G1-- > V--G2--


SCR: Measure of the SCR's parameters

See "Appunti" section for more details (in italian only)

Measure of the SCR's Latching Current IH Measure of the SCR's Holding Current IH Measure of the SCR's Gate Trigger Current IGT Measure of the SCR's Forward Breakover Voltage VBRF


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