Here you can find a collection of electric and electronic circuits realized by the PSpice tool or by Cadence ORCAD Capture Lite. You can freely download, use or modify all the stuff you'll find here. Anyone who wishes to collaborate and share his experience, i invited to send, his works.
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AM-DSB demodulator

AM-DSB demodulation by a balanced modulator

The balanced modulator is also used in demodulation. The modulator multiplies the carrier and the modulated carrier; the resulting signal has this spectrum:
- One line at the frequency of modulation sine (see APPUNTI tab)
- 2 lines at the side of 2 times the frequency of the carrier
- Other lines to multiple frequencies of 2·fc due to non-linearity of the components
The undesired components are attenuated by appropriate filtering.


AM BJT modulator

Transistor amplitude modulation AM modulator

This circuit which uses the amplification of a bjt to realize the amplitude modulation (AM). The modulating wave is sent to the emitter, the carrier is tuned to the resonance frequency of the LC parallel


AM bridge modulator

Diode bridge AM modulator

The bridge modulator realizes the amplitude modulation (AM). In the simulation was added also the demodulation stage realized by an RC filter and by an Op-Amp in inverting configuration as separator circuit.


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