Here you can find a collection of softwares realized by the Scilab tool, these softwares are mainly oriented to the creation of plots; there's no 100% compatibility with Matlab but Scilab is, for sure, a very good free alternative. You can freely download, use or modify all the stuff you'll find here. Anyone who wishes to collaborate and share his experience, is invited to send, his works.
Scilab is a free open source software, download it here.

Bode plots of the transfer function G(s)=1+τs

Transfer function with a real zero; module and phase plots are done without using the embedded scilab function Bode()


Bode diagrams of a transfer function with a cuple of complex zeros G(s)=s²+2ξωns+ωn²

ξ steps from 0.1 to 1. ωn=1 causes an unitary gain in ω tending to zero; Scilab embedded function get('current_entity') is used to get the handle of labels and plots and set their color and thickness. dbphi() is use to evaluate module in deciBell and phase in degrees


Plot of two different transfer functions G1(s) e G2(s)

on the same plot


Bessel functions

it's possible to choose the order


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